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Dock-N-Loc | an anti-theft device for boats with one or more outboard engines How Secure is Your Boat?
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Let us explain why you should own a Dock-N-Loc:

Are you a waterfront property owner that keeps their boat at their dock or on a lift?
waterfront property owner

You live on the water. You love the water. Your boat is the means by which you satisfy this love. Whether it's going out for a great day of fishing or it's taking a leisurely cruise to your favorite restaurant or watering hole, your boat takes you there.  Nothing would be more disappointing then arriving at the dock (yours or the restaurants), and finding that someone has taken this joy away by stealing your boat.  Dock-N-Loc can help. It installs in seconds and is as tough as nails.  Whether your boat is in the water or on a lift, Dock-N-Loc can protect it.

Is your water front home a vacation home where your boat is left unattended for long periods of time?  If the answer is yes then you have even more reason to own and install a Dock-N-Loc.
Get a Dock-N-Loc.  Get piece of mind.

Do you take your boat to faraway places or island such as the Bahamas? Up 
waterfront property owner

Is there anything better than loading up the gear and taking off to some faraway and exotic place to enjoy everything that there is to offer?  What could possibly be better than great diving and fishing, wonderful food and drink, and the joy that only good friends and family can bring?  Yes, this is why we boat. Would there be anything worse than having your boat stolen while you are there?  What would you do?  How would you get home?  Let Dock-N-Loc help.

It installs in seconds, is a tough as nails and provides instant protection.  What else could you ask for?

Are you a weekend or casual boater? Up 

You work hard for the things you have.  Your boat is your reward for this hard work and your escape from the everyday grind.  Whether it's kept on a trailer or at a storage facility you want your boat to be there when you want it.  Let Dock-N-Loc help.

Are there times when you leave your boat in the water for short periods of time, such as at a restaurant or to do a little shopping?  Or is it sometimes necessary to leave it in the water overnight unattended? 

At times like these Dock-N-Loc is your solution. 

Get peace of mind.  Get Dock-N-Loc

Do you use your boat to make your living? Up 

Whether you're a fisherman, charter boat captain or one of the many other professionals that make a living on the water, your boat is more than just a luxury, it's a necessity.  It's the means by which generate income, feed your family and pay your bills. If it gets stolen you are literally sunk.  Dock-N-Loc can help protect you.  Is your boat left unattended and vulnerable overnight or for longer periods of time?  How long would it take a thief to make off with it?  In just seconds Dock-N-Loc can be installed and giving you the protection and peace of mind that you and your family deserve.

Sleep better at night.  Get a Dock-N-Loc.

Are you one of the millions of people that boat and fish the inland lakes and rivers of your area? Up 

Whether fishing, skiing or just cruising, there is nothing more enjoyable than spending time with friends and family in your boat on one of the many lakes and rivers your area.  Think of all the special times and memorable moments that you've had.  Think of all of the great times that lay ahead  Think how you would feel if someone stole your boat and took all of this away.  Don't let that happen.  Get a Dock-N-Loc.  In just a few seconds a Dock-N-Loc can provide you with the protection and peace of mind you need.  Whether you leave your boat unattended for a few hours or a few days it needs to be protected.

How much are you memories and dreams worth?  Get a Dock-N-Loc

Are you a luxury yacht owner with a tender or dinghy? Up 

Whether you cruise the Caribbean or the world, yachting is your life.  You get to see exotic things in even more exotic and remote locations. Some of these locations are so exotic and remote that they don't have docking facilities large enough for your yacht.  So you have a tender and / or dinghy.  And when you need it boy are you glad you have it.  It offers you opportunities that you wouldn't have otherwise, like sneaking into a small secluded cove or bay or visiting a town or village that would otherwise be inaccessible.  So what would happen if your tender or dinghy were stolen? 

How would it change your yachting experience?  Don't let it happen.  Get a Dock-N-Loc.  It's inexpensive, it installs in seconds and it can help ensure that the good times remain the good times.
What's your peace of mind worth?  Get a Dock-N-Loc.

Do you own a marina or business that rents boats or dockage? Up 

As a business owner you are always looking for an edge, a way to protect your assets or get an advantage over the competition. Dock-N-Loc can help.  If you rent boats with outboards Dock-N-Loc is a simple, inexpensive means of preventing unauthorized access and/or theft of your boats.  If you rent dock space and have transient boaters coming in and out, how about generating some extra income by renting out Dock-N-Loc anti-theft devices.  They work on almost all outboards, are tough as nails and easy to install.

Think about it.  Think Dock-N-loc.

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